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Off-roading is truly a joy of life. The sand, the mud and even the snow await you as you cruising in your 4x4. It provides an escape from the busy world. Yet, there are times when you have to recover your 4x4. In such situations, our BUNKER INDUST kinetic rope kit is the perfect choice to get you out of a jam. Our kinetic recovery rope, made from 100% nylon 66, ensures a secure recovery with a minimum breaking strength of 15,422kg and an impressive 50% stretch, delivering a smooth and safe recovery experience. Both the kinetic rope and the soft shackle are resistant to UV, maintaining their strength even with prolonged exposure. The one-piece engineered UHMWPE in our soft shackles ensures integrity for safe operations during challenging recoveries. Additionally, equipped with robust full-length protective sleeves, our versatile kinetic recovery rope kit is suitable for 4x4s, SUVs, and UTEs across diverse terrains such as rocky trails and snowy paths.

Brand Bunker Indust